Lighthouse Community Church
457 S. Washington Street
Nashville, Illinois, 62263

Services - Sundays @ 8:30am, 10am
Middle School - Sunday @ 6:30pm
High School - Wednesdays @ 7pm
childrenLighthouse is growing all of the time. With many new additions every year, one of our core committments is to provide outstanding Children's Ministries focused on teaching our kids to grow up loving Christ. We have something for children of all ages. Check out the programs below to see what we have for your kids.

Taking care of kids is extremely important to everyone at Lighthouse Community Church. It is our full intention to make sure that your child receives the best possible care while you worship and they learn about Christ.

CHILD CARE - NURSERY: The Nursery is located on the north side of the Worship Center on the second floor at the top of the steps. To ensure your child's safety, every nursery worker and helper must pass a thorough background check in addition to submitting personal information that we keep on file. Additionally, if you view the photos from the Lighthouse nursery, you will see name tags clipped on the back of each child's shirt. This tag is part of a sign-in/sign-out system that we here at Lighthouse have put into place to ensure there is never any confusion about who is who's! Just as important, please know that only age appropriate toys will be available for your child to play with.

SUNSHINE KIDS - 3 YRS - ENTERING KINDERGARTEN: The Sunshine Kids meet on the South Side of the main Worship Center in the 'Rainbow Room'. A team of teachers using age-appropriate music and bible lessons work with this great group of kids teaching them at this very early age to love Christ.

2:52 KIDS - KINDERGARTEN - 5TH GRADE: WHAT's that 252 thing all about??? We are glad that you asked! 252Basics is a unique approach to teaching children about how to live. This program is built around three Basic Truths every child should embrace according to what Jesus modeled in Luke 2:52 . 1.) I need to make the wise choice. 2.) I can trust God no matter what. 3.) I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Each Basic Truth is amplified by a weekly key concept and systematically taught over a three-year track. The curriculum includes 150 Bible stories and is based on a Core Virtue and Memory Verse as the framework for each month. At Lighthouse, the kids will begin in their classrooms where they connect with each other and prepare to learn about God. From there, they will meet for their very own Worship...something that is very relavant and just for them. After great music and a very important Bible lesson, they'll spend time in small groups back in their classrooms doing activities.